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Why was my invoice or service entry sheet rejected?

Why has my invoice or service entry sheet been rejected? What should I do if my invoice has been rejected?


Invoices are rejected either:

The rejection happens when the invoice violates invoicing requirements established by your customer.

To review the reason for invoice rejection:

  1. Click Workbench > Rejected invoices.
  2. Click the invoice number hyperlink.
  3. The invoice rejection notes appear across the top of the Detail and History tabs of the invoice.

If you understand the invoice rejection reason, you can edit and resubmit the invoice to your customer for payment. If you need more clarification, contact your customer. Your customer has the most accurate information on how to correct your invoice.

Additional Information

If the invoice status is Rejected and routing status is Failed, you may need to contact SAP Ariba Customer Support for checking software settings in your account to identify and fix a reason of failure.

Applies To

Ariba Network > SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration
Ariba Network > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Invoicing)

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