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Why can't I find an event?

Why can't I find an event? Where is my event?


There are a number of reasons you may not be seeing a sourcing event your company was invited to. Below are various scenarios that may apply:

  1. Did you receive an event invitation in your email inbox?
    • Buyers invite suppliers to events by selecting each participant, so there is a chance that only one person from the company received an invitation. Only those who are invited to the event will have access.
    • If you would like to request an invitation for yourself or additional people from your organization, you will need to contact the project owner.
    • It is also a common user error to have a typo in the email address field. Double-check the email address and if there is a typo the buyer will need to edit it.
  2. Did you log in to the correct account?
    • You might have more than one SAP Ariba account. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you are logged into the account that was invited.
  3. Do you have permissions to see the page?
    • To view your organization's Ariba Sourcing events, questionnaires, and Ariba Contract Management contracts, documents, and tasks, sub users need to have the permission Access Proposals and Contracts assigned. If you do not have the correct permissions, please contact your administrator. You can find the administrator's contact information by clicking your initials in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting Contact Administrator.
  4. Is your user activated? Is your profile approved?
    • It is possible that your user or organization profile is deactivated which will restrict your access to Ariba.
    • If your organization profile on the buyer's site is Rejected you will not be able to register. If it is Unapproved you will be able to register but may not participate in sourcing events.
      • You must contact your buyer to approve the organization profile.
  5. Are you on the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution?
    • If you see Ariba Discovery, Ariba Contract Management, or Ariba Network in the upper-left corner of the application, you are currently accessing another app within your SAP Ariba Commerce Cloud account and will not see the event here. Click the app drop-down in the upper-left corner of the application and select Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires. This action will take you to the SAP Ariba Sourcing platform and show any events to which you have been invited. You may need to switch to the relevant buyer by clicking More... and selecting the correct buyer.
  6. Is the event in Open status?
    • In the top right corner of your screen the status will be displayed. If there is a countdown timer, then the event is published/open. If it is Closed, Paused, Pending Selection then you must contact the buyer to open the event.
  7. Did you complete the Customer Requested Profile?
    • Some customers require you to fill out specific information before you can see any bids. If you log in to your account and receive the following message, you must complete the Customer Requested Profile:
  8. Are you locked out of the event?
    • You will not see the event on your dashboard if the buyer has locked your account from the event. Check your email to see if you were notified of being locked out of the event. In this instance, please contact the project owner to gain access.
  9. Are you directed to a blank page when you click on an event within your account?
    • Security features on your computer might cause a blank page when accessing an event. Use the following steps to resolve this issue:
      1. Check the URL on the blank or black page.
      2. If the URL starts with HTTP, change this to HTTPS.
      3. Navigate to the new page.
      4. Accept any security warnings that appear in your browser.
    • Ad Blockers can also cause this issue:
      1. Check to see if an ad blocker is installed, such as AdBlock Plus and uBlock.
      2. If one is installed, disable it and load the page again.
    • If neither of these options help, try to log in using a different browser.

Refer this, if you get error like this : Error: "Your company has already connected with this buyer company using a different account and Ariba Network ID (ANID) message"

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Ariba Network
Ariba Network > Discovery & Sourcing/Contract Punchout Scenario
Strategic Contracts
Strategic Sourcing > Sourcing Events
Strategic Sourcing > Strategic Sourcing - Supplier Status In Event
Supplier Lifecycle & Performance

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