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When will my invoice be paid? (Enterprise users)

When will my invoice be paid?


Payments are not processed through SAP Ariba, but your customer can upload payment details to your account for you to view.

Payment information can be found within the Payments tab. If your customer chooses to supply it, you can access payment information by going to Payments and then selecting one of the following menu items: Early Payments, Scheduled payments, Remittances. Receipts can be found by going to the Fulfilment tab and selecting Goods Receipts.

If your customer has not provided scheduled payment or remittance information, the best way to find out when your invoice will be paid is to contact your customer. Please note that SAP Ariba Customer Support cannot provide any information about the payment of your invoice. It is your customer's responsibility to inform you of when you will be paid.

Additional Information

After you submit an invoice, your customer receives the invoice and begins to process it. If the invoice does not have any errors, your customer approves the invoice for payment, which changes the invoice status to Approved. Typically, payment should be received based on the set Net Payment Terms provided in the order succeeding the date that the invoice was approved.

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Ariba Network > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Invoicing)

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