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Why can't I find a purchase order?

Why can't I find a purchase order?


1. First, make sure that you have an active trading relationship with your customer:

Your customer should be listed underneath the Current Relationships tab.

If you do not have a trading relationship with the customer in question, you will have to provide them with your Ariba Network ID (ANID) and have them send you a Trading Relationship Request.

2. If you have an active trading relationship, search for your order:

Tiles on the workbench are set to default to show documents from the last 31 days, but you can modify the date range to show documents within a 365 day range. Click Save filter after you have clicked to Apply search parameters to easily filter document results.

3. If you still don't see your purchase order:

Additional Information

Sometimes you might receive information from your customer about an order in progress but you will not be able to find it in your account. For example, if an order document ID begins with "PR" this might represent a purchase requisition number. This means that your customer's request needs to be approved internally before you are able to receive the order. Contact your customer to check the approval status of the order.

If the PO you are looking for is over 365 days old, refer to Why can't I find an older purchase order under Orders drop-down menu? instead.

Applies To

Ariba Network > Discovery & Sourcing/Contract Punchout Scenario
Ariba Network > SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration
Ariba Network > Transaction Documents
Ariba Network > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Purchase Orders, Ship Notices & Goods Receipts)

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