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How do I use the Help Center and other support options?

At SAP Ariba, our goal is to empower Suppliers with the information and tools needed to seamlessly navigate through Ariba solutions.


Help Center

The Help Center is your hub for FAQs, tutorials, official product documentation, and more! Sign in to your Supplier account and look on the right-hand side to view the Help Center panel.

Click the Help icon in the upper-right of any page within your Supplier account to expand or collapse the Help Center.


Within the Help Center, you can find over 40 Guided Assistance flows with solutions to common issues and how to questions. Based on your search words, you may see a series of questions to guide you to an answer or connect you with SAP Ariba Customer Support.

  • Get immediate responses to your questions
  • If the content doesn't resolve your issue, get direct support options 
  • If Support must be engaged, the initial troubleshooting steps result in a faster resolution time
  • Intuitive step-by-step solutions created by experts
  • Available in all languages supported by Ariba


Success Sessions can also be found in the Help Center, or you can register directly for live demos of SAP Ariba products.

  • Created by experts targeted to areas with the most questions
  • Content for the Ariba Network, Ariba Discovery, and Ariba Sourcing is available
  • Recordings and on-demand videos accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Available in multiple languages and time zones
  • Feedback from our viewers allows us to grow and improve our webcast library

Learn about Self-Service options

How to get live Support

  Click the icons below for help with some of the most common questions Suppliers have: 

Help with Purchase Orders

Help with Invoicing


Help connecting to a customer

Help accessing an event

Applies To

Ariba Network
Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration
Help Center
SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing
SAP Ariba Buying
SAP Ariba Catalog
SAP Ariba Connect
SAP Ariba Contracts
SAP Ariba Discovery
SAP Ariba Invoice Management
SAP Ariba Services Procurement
SAP Ariba Sourcing
SAP Ariba Spend Analysis
SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog
SAP Ariba Start Contracts
SAP Ariba Start Sourcing
SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite
SAP Ariba Supplier Information Management
SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle & Performance
SAP Ariba Supplier Risk
SAP Ariba Travel and Expense Pro

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