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Welcome to the Norfolk Southern Corporation Supplier Information Portal. This portal provides information for all suppliers conducting business with Norfolk Southern on Ariba Network. For your organization, this means that the traditional way of transacting with us is changing fundamentally. On this site you will find information regarding the transformation as well as a number of tools to help answer any of the questions you may have.


Norfolk Southern's Ariba Network Initiative

Overview of Ariba Process:

  1. NS sends Purchase Order to vendor via email from Ariba Network.
  2. Vendor clicks Process Order button in email, then creates a new Ariba Network account or connects with an existing account.  
  3. Vendor sends Order Confirmation to NS – this is optional.
  4. Vendor sends Ship Notice to NS – this is optional. 
  5. Vendor sends Invoice to NS – this must be sent through Ariba portal.  Please do not mail or email invoices to NS.
  6. NS enters Goods Receipts as items are delivered.
  7. NS sends payment when Invoice Reconciliation is complete.  This process checks that the invoice price matches the purchase order price and will pay out the invoice up to the quantity of goods received.

Getting Started:

Standard Account Information

How to Register and Connect (Watch Training Video)

How to Configure your Account, Users, and Notifications

How to Change your Ariba Account Administrator

Standard Account Info Pack

Ariba Network for Suppliers


Enterprise Account Information

Enterprise Account Features & Fee Calculator

Enterprise Account Fees (Watch Explanation Video)

Downgrade from Enterprise to Standard Account

Norfolk Southern does not require suppliers to connect using an Enterprise Ariba account.  Suppliers have the option to connect using a FREE Standard Ariba account.  It is up to the supplier to manage their Ariba account and select the level of service they wish to use.  Norfolk Southern is not responsible for paying Ariba fees incurred by suppliers who elect to connect using an Enterprise account.


Training Resources:

How to Submit an Invoice (Watch Training Video)

How to Resolve Invoice Errors

How to See When Invoices Will Pay

How to Cancel an Invoice

How to Submit a Price Change through Order Confirmation



General Training:

Standard Account Training (26 minutes)

Supplier Training Environment

All How-To Tutorials



Norfolk Southern Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Norfolk Southern Material Freight Routing Instructions

Direct Pay Permits for Sales & Use Tax


Integration & Catalog

Supplier Integration through SAP Business Network

Intro to Supplier Managed Catalogs (Watch Video)

Norfolk Southern Integration & Catalog Portal


Additional Resources 

Ariba Discovery – bidding opportunities & leads


Ariba Support Contacts

For assistance creating, connecting, or managing your Ariba Network account:


Norfolk Southern Contacts for Questions & Support:

  • Ariba account and access management - call Ariba support 800-974-4899, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
  • Items ordered and pricing - email the buyer displayed next to the Purchasing Group in the purchase order details.         
  • Delivery and receipting - call or email the Ship To contact in the purchase order details.
  • Invoicing and payment - email Accounts Payable at
  • Supplier integration & enablement - email




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