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How do I create a non-PO invoice?

How do I create a non-PO invoice?


To send a non-PO invoice, you will need a trading relationship with your customer. If you have a trading relationship with the customer you want to invoice, please follow the instructions below.

  1. When signed into your account, click Create > Non-PO Invoice. (If your customer is not listed, they have not enabled you for non-PO invoicing).
  2. Click the appropriate Customer for the Standard Invoice option
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter an invoice number (Invoice #), date and other header-level information about the invoice in the Summary area. (Enter Header-Level taxes, Shipping, Special Handling, Attachments, and Discounts as needed.)
  5. Enter any other information your customer requests in the Additional Information area.

You can invoice either or both goods and services in the Line Items section.

  1. For goods, click Add > Add Material.
  2. For services, click Add > Add General Service or Add > Add Labor Service.

Once you have completed adding your invoice information click Update. This will update details within the Header section of your invoice.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Review the invoice and make any final changes as necessary then click Submit.
Additional Information

Before you can start transacting with a customer on the Ariba Network, you must have a trading relationship with that customer or a unique Customer Code. To request a trading relationship, contact your customer. Be ready to provide them with your Ariba Network (ANID) number.

If you are prompted to enter a Customer Code when creating a non-PO invoice, you either do not have a trading relationship with that customer in your account or your customer has not enabled you for non-PO invoicing. Please contact your customer to have your account enabled for non-PO invoicing.

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Ariba Network > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Invoicing)

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