Support Note KB0392507
User is not defined in any partition

When signing into Ariba user receives Authentication Error message: User is not defined in any partition


The user does not have a Partitioned User.


This can be resolved by loading the Partitioned User into Ariba through the Import Users task in Ariba (User.csv file) or the Import User Data (Consolidated File) (UserConsolidated.csv).

Below are the steps to resolve this issue through loading these users into Ariba:

  1. Sign in to Ariba
  2. Click Manage > Core Administration
  3. Click Site Manager > Data Import/Export
  4. Click the Import tab

Search for the Import Users task or the?Import User Data (Consolidated File) task

  1. Click Import for the desired task
  2. Browse and choose your updated files which include the needed Users :
    • Import Users: User.csv and the?PCardMap.csv
    • Import User Data (Consolidated File):?UserConsolidated.csv?
  3. Select the Create or Load option when prompted
  4. Click the?Run button

Once the task completes, the Partitioned User will be created/activated.? At this point, the user will have access to login to the procurement applications in Ariba. If the Import User Data (Consolidated File) was applied, and it did not resolve the issue, then refer to Import Users.? Specific error messages may not appear in the user interface as a result of the consolidated task being a collective; however, Import Users is the stand alone partition user data task.? It is one of the tasks that is consolidated within Import User Data and will display errors when consolidated will not.??

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Applies To

Core Procurement > Core Administration > Core Administration User Management

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