Welcome to the Supplier Education Materials Portal
for AusNet Services Suppliers

Welcome to the Supplier Education Materials Portal for AusNet Services Suppliers!!!  This portal provides information for all suppliers that are conducting business with AusNet Services via the Ariba Network (AN).

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Administration Guide

Administration Training Clip (MP4)


Introduction Clips

Introduction to the Ariba Network Clip (MP4)

A Day in the life of a Supplier (MP4)

A Day in the Life of Accounts Payable (MP4)


Supply Chain Collaboration

AusNet Services Specific Contracts Guide

AusNet Services Specific Integration Guide

AusNet Services Specific Catalog Guide

Standard Locale Guide - Catalogs

Standard Currency Spreadsheet

AusNet Services Specific Collaboration Guide



General Functionality Guide

General Functionality Clip (MP4)


Standard Account 

Standard Account Self Help Portal

Standard Account Information Pack

Standard Account Generic Guide


ON24 Session Recordings

AusNet Services Specific Summit Recording - Click Here

AusNet Services Training Session Recording - Click Here


Reference Guides

Quick Start Guide

Quote Automation Guide

Quick Reference Sheet

Search Filters Guide


AusNet Services Specific Guides

AusNet Services Specific Purchase Order Guide

AusNet Services Specific Invoice Guide 

AusNet Services Specific Service Order guide


General Guides & Clips

General Info. Training Clip (MP4)

Generic Intro. Ship Notice & Invoices (MP4)

Generic Intro. Purchase Order Clip (MP4)

Generic Order Confirmation Clip (MP4)

Standard Unit of Measure (UOM)

Standard Location Code

Accessing Support

  • To access the Help Centre and Customer Support Select Help Centre from either the Supplier Login Screen or from the Dashboard/Homepage from within the Ariba Network.

Types of Support Available

  • Search for Generic Online Help
  • Guided Help
  • Online Chat
  • Live Webcasts
Support Centre Options based on your account type 


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