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How do I create a contract invoice?

How do I create a contract invoice?

  1. Click Create > Contract Invoice from the upper-right corner of the application.
  2. Select the customer for which you want to create a contract-based invoice and click Next. You are now punching into your customer’s invoicing site.
  3. In the Invoice Entry page, click the down arrow in the Contract field. If the contract you are looking for is shown, click it. If you do not see the contract you need, click Search for more, which opens up the contract chooser to display all available contracts.
  4. In the contract chooser, find the contract you want to create the invoice for.
  5. Click Select next to the contract you are creating the invoice for.
  6. Enter the invoice information into the Invoice Entry form as follows:
  7. Enter all required fields and any optional fields.
  8. In the Invoice Header section, click Header Actions. This lets you add sections to enter tax, shipping, special handling, discount, comments and attachments.
  9. In the Line Items section, click Line Item Actions and add items from the catalog or add ad hoc items (non-catalog items) as required.
  10. Click the triangle next to More to expand the line item detail section and enter any required fields.
    1. Click the check box for the line items for which you need to add additional details, such as line level tax, discount, special handling charges, comments or attachments.

When you are ready to submit the invoice to your customer, click Submit. You might get validation errors that you must correct before you can submit the invoice. If the validation errors occur on a detail line, click the calculator icon and the triangle next to More to expand the line item and correct your error or enter missing information.

After you have submitted your invoice, the Invoice Draft page is displayed. If you have any unfinished invoices for this customer, they are listed here. Click on the invoice ID link to view and finalize them.

To return to your SAP Business Network session, click Logout or simply close your browser window.

Additional Information

If you exit the page without submitting the invoice, you can save the draft invoice by choosing Save on the Confirm Exit page. You can always find your draft invoices by going to Orders > Contracts and selecting View contract invoices.

If you receive an ANERR error stating Your user account on the customer's PunchIn site is pending approval. Try again later,then the customer will need to approve your account before you can begin invoicing.

Applies To

SAP Business Network for Procurement & Supply Chain > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Invoicing)

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