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  SAP Ariba Supplier Readiness Portal  


Ariba Network delivers innovation to help sellers optimize their business processes and collaborate effectively with their customers.

Welcome to the SAP Ariba Supplier Readiness portal - a central location to get up-to-date information and materials to help you prepare for upcoming releases.



SAP Ariba Release Resources
Key Dates to Remember (subject to changes)*
SAP Ariba 2011 Release
December Service Pack 12/11/2020
January Service Pack 01/15/2021
cXML version 1.2.049 (pre-release) 01/29/2021
SAP Ariba 2102 Release
2021 Release Calendar

*Disclaimer: The release dates above reflect current SAP Ariba planning. SAP Ariba may change the release schedule at any time without notice and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Last updated: Nov 18, 2020.

About SAP Ariba Releases: FAQs

What's new for suppliers with the SAP Ariba 2011 Release?

2011 Release Features For Suppliers (with resources)
 Supplier feature list including names, descriptions, and supplemental resources where available.

What’s New in SAP Ariba guide
One convenient guide including features from this release.


With the 2011 Release, SAP Ariba will be supporting cXML DTD, version 1.2.048.

cXML web site

Webinar: Supplier API Developer Portal

The 2005 Release Supplier Overview webinar for Enterprise Suppliers was held on May 7, 2020. This webinar provided an introduction to the SAP Ariba Developer Portal Rest APIs, including Ariba Network Invoice Header Data Extraction API and the Proof of Service API.

View Replay

View Presentation

Previous Releases Information

2020 Releases: Supplier Feature List

2019 Releases: Supplier Feature List

2018 Releases: Supplier Feature List


The documentation or other materials describing the planned new features for the SAP Ariba Release does not represent any commitment by SAP Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the SAP Ariba products. All information about the SAP Ariba Release is proprietary and confidential information of SAP Ariba

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