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How do I contact my customer?

How do I contact my customer?


You can contact your customer in two ways:

1. By instant message.

2. By the contact information they have provided in the application. If you are the account administrator or a non-administrator user with the Customer Administration permission, you can locate your customer's contact information by taking these steps:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the application, click [user initials] > Settings and select Customer Relationships.
  2. Click the customer's name in the Current section.

For specific information about how to configure your account and transact with a customer, select Supplier Information Portal.

Additional Information

If you are a non-administrator user without the Customer Administration permission, contact your account administrator to access this information. To view your account administrator's contact details, click [user initials] > Contact Administrator.

Applies To

SAP Business Network for Procurement & Supply Chain > Administration (Buyer & Supplier Account Administration)

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