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How do I pay my Ariba bill?

How do I pay my Ariba invoice? How can I make a payment for subscription fees?


In order to pay your supplier fees, you must be the administrator for your account or have the Premium Membership and Services Management permission.

You can complete your payment by following these steps:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the application, click [user initials] > Service Subscriptions.
  2. Click the Open Bills tab and select the bill(s) that you would like to pay.
  3. Select your payment method and click Continue.
  4. Review your payment details and click Pay.

You can use the following methods to pay for your supplier fees:

Additional Information

The payment terms are NET 30 starting from date of the invoice.

For more information about the different subscription levels and pricing for your region, please see the Ariba Network Subscriptions and Pricing page.

If you believe your bill was incorrectly calculated, you can create a dispute caseYour request will be sent to the billing team and you will be contacted by a representative.

Applies To

Ariba Network
SAP Ariba Discovery

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