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How do I merge/consolidate accounts?

How do I merge/consolidate accounts?


While you are not able to merge accounts once they have been created, you do have some consolidation options.

Here are the 3 options you have to manage your accounts:

1. Complete consolidation:

For this option, you would select 1 account to remain open. You would then need to ask all customers connected to the other ANIDs to re-establish connections with the account to remain open. You would also need to create any administrators or sub-users on the other accounts under the ANID you'd like to keep as users.

Once you have transferred the information from all accounts under 1 main ANID, the administrators for the other accounts would be able to contact SAP Ariba Customer Support through the Help Center to request their accounts be expired (deleted).

This option would then allow your company to have 1 account open to transact with all customers, and the other ANIDs would be expired. If you use your accounts for Sourcing Events, you may not always be able to use this method of consolidation. Each buyer can have different information set up in their site that would force you to have multiple ANIDs.

2. Account hierarchy:

This option keeps all accounts open, but links them together with 1 main account acting as the parent, and the other accounts as children. Please see How do I create an Account Hierarchy? for further details to decide if this option suits your needs.

3. Linking user IDs:

If you have multiple accounts that you maintain or have access to, it can be difficult to remember different usernames and passwords. This option works more for individual users than for an overall company.

Linking user IDs allows you to seamlessly login to one account, then switch to any other linked usernames with a click instead of having to logout and log back in with a different user ID. The article How do I use the Link User IDs option? provides details.

Applies To

S2C Administration
SAP Business Network for Procurement & Supply Chain > Administration (Buyer & Supplier Account Administration)
SAP Business Network for Procurement & Supply Chain > Discovery & Sourcing/Contract Punchout Scenario
SAP Business Network for Procurement & Supply Chain > SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration
Strategic Sourcing

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