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What information is in the Ariba Terms of Use?

What information is in the Ariba Terms of Use (TOU)?


The TOU contains all the terms and conditions regarding your conduct a as user of SAP Ariba products, as well as SAP Ariba's policies regarding providing these services.

Examples of topics covered in the TOU:

The contract between SAP Ariba and suppliers is established with the acceptance of our Terms of Use, which have to be agreed on when creating an account or accepting an invitation from a buyer company. The contract with Ariba Network is a click through agreement of our Terms of use.

If your company accepts the terms of use, the conditions are accepted by clickwrap, which is a legal agreement for software licenses and online transactions in which the user must agree to terms and conditions prior to using the product or service.

Additional Information

You can also access the current TOU at the bottom of any page in SAP Ariba.

Applies To

Ariba Network > Discovery & Sourcing/Contract Punchout Scenario
Ariba Network > Subscription fees
Strategic Sourcing

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