Enterprise Account Supplier Training


Enterprise Account Information:


 Catalog Resources:

CIF:  PunchOut (Level 1 ~ Level 2) ~ Static

Excel: PunchOut (Level 1 ~ Level 2) ~ Static


 Integration Guidelines (EMEA/North America):

  • UCB Integration Guidelines (NAMER-EMEA).rar
    • ANSI X12\UCB EMEA ANSI X12 guideline.xlsx
    • cXML\[UCB] cXML Delta Requirements V3.0 04-June-21.xlsx
    • cXML\[UCB] cXML Integrated Seller Transaction Guidelines v3.0 28-05-2021.docx
    • cXML\UCB Biopharma cXML Delta Requirements NAMER v1.xlsx
    • D96A\UCB EDIFACT DELTA Current.xlsx
    • EDI\UCB Biopharma EDI Delta Requirements NAMER v1.xlsx


UCB Supplier Enablement Team:

Send all business and process related questions to:


  • I am in the middle of a contract negotiation with UCB, should I join the SAP Business Network?
  • When could I expect the first purchase order to be sent via the SAP Business Network?
  • What entities are in scope?

SAP Business Network Supplier Enablement Team: (Only available for Enterprise Account)

If an SAP Business Network agent has contacted you via email, contact this agent to support you with your registration process.

If an SAP Business Network agent has NOT contacted you. Submit questions using one of the form below, we will connect you with the agent assigned to you.


  • I need help to accept the trading relationship request
  • I need help to configure my SAP Business Network account
  • How do I create an invoice on the SAP Business Network?

Ariba Support:

For other SAP Business Network technical issues and bugs, please contact Customer Support.

Please review the guide here to learn more:

How to contact Support


  • I need to reset my password and/or username.
  • I would like to request a change of the account administrator.
  • I am not able to access the SAP Business Network using my browser.
  • We would like to add additional users to our SAP Business Network account.



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