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Which order routing methods send orders to the SAP Business Network?

Which order routing methods send orders to the SAP Business Network?


An ordering method specifies the way Ariba Procure-to-Pay and Ariba Procure-to-Order send orders to suppliers. You specify the preferred ordering method for each supplier in the PreferredOrderingMethod column in SupplierLocationSupplement.csv file.

Electronic Orders through Business Network:



Uniform Resource Locater (URL):

In the Supplier Location user interface, this method is called Electronic Ordering.

Manual Orders:

If you wish to avoid sending the order through the Business Network, you can create the order as a Manual Order.

The suppliers must have a PreferredOrderingMethod of Print. These orders must be manually delivered to the Supplier (through mail, email, or fax) outside of the application.

Generating a manual purchase order causes an email notification message to go to users who have permission to process manual orders.

In the default configuration, members of the Procurement Manager, Procurement Agent and Purchasing Agent groups receive these notifications. When they receive one of these notifications, the order still has Ordering status, until one of these users logs into Ariba and uses the Mark Ordered functionality to move the order to Ordered status. At this time, the order must be manually delivered to the supplier.

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For more information, see the Common Data Import and Administration for SAP Ariba Procurement Solutions.

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