Standard Account Supplier Training




Training materials

Access the Help Center via your Standard Account or use following knowledge resources:


UCB Supplier Enablement Team

Send all business and process related questions to:


  • I am in the middle of a contract negotiation with UCB, should I join the SAP Business Network?
  • When could I expect the first purchase order to be sent via SAP Business Network?
  • What entities are in scope?

SAP Business Network Support

For other SAP Business Network technical issues and bugs, please contact Customer Support.

Please review the guide here to learn more:

How to contact Support


  • I need to reset my password and/or username.
  • I would like to request a change of the account administrator.
  • I am not able to access SAP Business Network using my browser.
  • We would like to add additional users to our SAP Business Network account.



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