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Welcome to the Novartis Supplier Information Portal


Welcome to the Novartis Supplier Information Portal. This portal provides information for all suppliers conducting business with Novartis. You will find information regarding the transformation as well as a number of tools to help answer any of the questions you may have.

IMPORTANT: New Novartis Supplier Guide to SAP Ariba PO & Invoice Management


 Online guide for SBN Supplier Account, order & invoice management 

 The Standard Account Self-Help Portal provides additional guidance in multiple languages 

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Before you start invoicing:


Novartis eInvoicing Journey

Why SAP Business Network?

Country-specific information



Please download the Novartis Supplier Guide to find all the configuration steps.

These steps are also mentioned in the configuration section of the Novartis Supplier Guide.

Ready to start invoicing? 

Transacting on the SAP Business Network

Please download Novartis Supplier Guide to find all the steps.

The following sections guide you through some details about invoicing on the SAP Business Network: 

!! Please be aware that the e-Invoice created on the SAP Business Network is the legal document. Make sure to archive it for your auditing needs !!

Video corner


If you prefer watching videos, here are some training resources 


Watch our detailed webcast about invoicing on the SAP Business Network (45 min)
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Integration and Catalogs

Integration Corner

Multiple options are available to further automate your transactions with Novartis, including the semi-automated upload of PDF invoices and a full system-to-system connection.

If you choose to integrate, please reach out to to mention your interest and start an integration process.

Below documentation could be relevant too: 

Integration Guidelines:

An Integration Specialist from SAP will also be in touch with you for support and guidance.

Catalog Corner

Options are available to build a catalog on the SAP Business Network.

If you would like to build a catalog with Novartis, please reach out to and mention your interest to start the process.

General documentation regarding Catalog processes on the SAP Business Network are available here:

Novartis Catalog Guides and Templates:

A SAP Catalog Specialist will be available to support and guide Enterprise Account holders through the technical build of their catalog.

Need help and support?

Frequently Asked Questions


Need Help and Support?

Support teams

For technical and account-related questions: contact SAP Ariba Support

For business related questions please reach out to:


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