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Welcome to the Supplier Information Portal that provides information for all suppliers conducting business with Eli Lilly. For your organization, this means the traditional way of transacting with us is changing fundamentally. On this site you will find information regarding the transformation, as well as, a number of tools to help answer any of the questions you may have.

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Onboarding Process

Click here for onboarding process flow and steps.

  • New suppliers to Lilly will receive a welcome email from with instructions to follow to register your account. The first Purchase Order will be sent as an Interactive Purchase Order which can be used for account registration and establish the connection to Lilly on the SAP Business Network. 
  • Existing suppliers will receive a Project Notification Letter from Lilly Supplier Enablement team ( with the steps needed to establish their account as well as an invitation to the Supplier Summit sessions.
  • It is recommended to transact with Lilly using a Standard account with no fee associated. Should you choose to upgrade to an Enterprise account, fees will apply. Click here to check which type of account is suitable for your company and here to get information on Enterprise Account

Training Videos

You need to complete the registration to access the video. If you would like to access the training in other languages, please click here



Training Guides




Early Payment Program Information

Please refer to this link for list of countries in scope for Early Payment Program.

Guides related to the Early Payment Program:


Support Methods for Getting Your Specific Questions Answered:

  • SAP Business Network Technical Issues? (examples below) Contact SAP Business Network Support by accessing SAP Ariba Help Center. Please use this guide or watch this video to learn more about contacting support.
    • Changing account administrator
    • Request to upgrade/downgrade account
  • SAP Business Network Account Registration, Configuration, Integration, Catalogue, “First Invoice Upload”, or Business Questions? Contacting Accounts Payable | Suppliers | Eli Lilly and Company

Before contacting Lilly Account Payable, please ensure you have explored all self-serve information on this page.



Sourcing Events Support & Training Guides:

Please refer to the below links for support when engaging in a Lilly Sourcing Event

If you have specific questions about a sourcing event, please speak to your Lilly Procurement Contact


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