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How do I create a new organization in API Developer Portal?

I need access to the SAP Ariba Developer Portal to my organization. How do I get this permission?

How to register my organization to use the API Developer Portal?

  1. Access https://developer.ariba.com/api
  2. Click the appropriate Sign-in option
  3. Choose your region from the Datacenter dropdown, if applicable
  4. You will then be taken to the appropriate developer page for your realm
  5. Click Sign up
  6. Enter your corporate email
  7. Read and accept the terms of service
  8. Click Submit

You will receive email in response to the form. Follow the instructions in the email to receive login credentials for a user with the Organization Admin role.

This procedure only applies to new organization registrations. If you would like to create a new user for an already registered organization, see How do I add users to my organization in API Developer Portal? instead.

Additional Information

For additional information, see the SAP Ariba API Developer Portal guide.

Applies To

Ariba Connect
Catalog Management > Catalog - REST API
Procurement Application Services > API Portal & Platform > API Developer Portal
Strategic Sourcing > Strategic Sourcing - REST API

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