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Do I have to pay to use Ariba?

Do I have to pay to use Ariba?


When a company first registers as a supplier, there is no cost. However, the Enterprise account can become chargeable based on the usage. The first chargeable threshold is applied when the following metrics are crossed:

Once you cross the document and transaction volume thresholds described above in at least one customer relationship, you will be enrolled in a paid subscription and will be required to pay fees. 

There are two fees associated with using Ariba Network to transact documents:

Yearly subscription fee

Your transaction volume determines your assigned package.

For more information about the different subscription levels and pricing for your region, visit the Ariba subscriptions and pricing page, choose your region from the Subscription/Fee Datasheet area along the right side of the page, and download the Subscriptions Overview or Fee Schedule.

Quarterly Transaction Service fee

Once you reach a paid subscription level, you are also charged a quarterly Transaction Service fee. This fee is calculated as a percentage of your total transaction volume across all customer relationships.

To make sure that high-volume relationships aren't penalized, Ariba caps Transaction Service fees for each buyer-supplier relationship after it reaches a specific annual transaction volume.

You can view the Transaction Activity Report for a specific bill. If it is not immediately available, check back soon as it may take a few days to appear on your invoice.

Billing Cycle

SAP Ariba charges for future usage of Ariba Network based on your previous usage. On the first day of each month, SAP Ariba analyzes your transaction volume and document count from the previous 12 months. If you reach a certain transaction volume with your customers, your company is automatically assigned to a subscription level and you need to pay the required transaction service fees to continue transacting with those customers. 

The date of your first SAP Ariba subscription invoice establishes your master anniversary date. SAP Ariba uses your master anniversary date to determine the quarterly billing cycle for all of your customer relationships. For example, if you received your first invoice in January, you will receive subsequent quarterly invoices for your customer relationships every three months (April, July, October, January and so on). 

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