2105 Readiness Feature Preview: Discounting Supplier Experience Improvements (PAY-5707)

Feature ID: PAY-5707
SAP Ariba Readiness Feature Preview - Discounting Supplier Experience Improvements 

The discounting experience has been redesigned and improved to maximize cash savings and apply discount offers with ease. The early payment experience is redesigned to view credit memos with links to payment details, receive daily digest of early payment offers, redesigned Standing Early Payment Term Offer (SEPTO) and tax tables, change early payment dates for invoices, and print PDF files. The cash optimizer experience is improved by automating the search process based on your cash needs. You can customize your search by the earliest date and how much cash you want to settle. The cash optimizer then searches automatically for invoices that best matches your needs and optimizing discount amounts. Upon accepting selected offers, a new cash optimizer confirmation page displays detailed payment information on expected settlement date, discounts applied, and early payment status. Buyer-initiated auto-acceptance rules are improved to maximize your discounts, set early payment rules and to which customers you want the rules to apply. A new Qualtrics feedback and survey tool are used to understand feedback provided by users and understand how users interact with the discounting experience.

Planned Feature Release: SAP Ariba 2105 Release

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