Welcome to the Corteva Supplier Information Portal


Welcome to the Supplier Information Portal that provides information for all suppliers conducting business with Corteva. For your organization, this means the traditional way of transacting with us is changing fundamentally. On this site you will find information regarding the transformation, as well as, a number of tools to help answer any of the questions you may have.

What information are you looking for?


Corteva Letter

Corteva introduction to the new way of conducting business over the Ariba Network.

Update to suppliers on Ariba Network Transition Timeline

Update to Suppliers on Ariba SLP Timeline

Enterprise Supplier Project Notification Letter

Standard Supplier Project Notification Letter - Leveraged

Standard Supplier Project Notification Letter - Crop

SLP Project Notification Letter


Enterprise Supplier Information Session

Standard Supplier Information Session

Supplier Management Information Session

Review a recording introducing you to our Ariba Network Initiative and all its details.


Ariba Network General Resources

General resources for suppliers transacting using the Ariba Network.

Ariba Network Introductory Video

Subscriptions and Pricing



Integration & Catalog

Documentation regarding catalog & integrations processes for transacting via the Ariba Network.

Corteva Supplier Integration Guidelines

Corteva Catalog Guidelines

Corteva Catalog Mapping Documents


Standard Account Information

Access to Standard Account Support.

Standard Account Welcome Page

Self-Help Portal

Supplier Info Pack

Functional Training Video


Training Guides & Videos 

Learn how to transact with Corteva.




Support Methods for Getting Your Specific Questions Answered:

  • Business questions? Contact Corteva at 
  • How do I register, configure my account or transact with Corteva? Contact the Ariba Enablement Team via the Corteva buyer form or the Supplier Enablement Helpdesk at +1 800-974-4899 (North America only).
  • My account is not working properly and I have a technical issue: Contact the Ariba Support Team by clicking on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of your account then Support to submit a Case to Ariba Support. Be as clear as possible in your communication and provide any screenshots to expedite your request.



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