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If you are a new supplier Registering with CP for the first time,
or looking for information on completing the CP Supplier Registration process or related Questionnaires,
click HERE

The information provided below informs and guides suppliers looking to transact on PO and Catalogs with CP.
The Help and Ariba Support contact information below applies to suppliers looking to Register as well as transact with CP via SAP Ariba Network.

  Project Notification Letter

Regarding the Ariba Network

Canadian Pacific Rail Supplier Summit

Learn about the program and see how to navigate Ariba Network

This presentation addresses Ariba Network use, value to suppliers and supplier fees


Ariba Network General Resources

General resources for suppliers transacting using the Ariba Network

Supplier fees details

Supplier fees explainer video



Integration & Catalog

Catalog & Integrations process documentation for transacting via the Ariba Network


Standard Account Information

If you received an initial PO from us via email:

Register and connect

Send an Invoice from your Standard Account

Targeted How-to tutorials

Standard Account Info Pack

On-demand Standard Account Training


Training Guides & Recordings

Learn how to transact with Canadian Pacific Rail

Canadian Pacific Supplier Guide

On-demand Enterprise Account Training

How to Invoice for Services via Limit PO

Ariba Tips and Tricks

Note: CP does not allow changes in invoice Unit Price and does not allow any overage tolerance on invoice Quantity

Contract Invoicing Guide (Coming soon)


Click HERE for Supplier Enablement help from Ariba
regarding registration, account configuration, supplier fees, general Ariba Network questions

Or reach Ariba Supplier Enablement Help Desk: 1-800-974-4899

Ariba Customer Support

To reach Ariba Customer Support, click on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of your account then on Support.  When sending a Case to Ariba Support, please be as clear as possible in your communication and provide any screenshots to expedite your request.  

How to access Ariba Customer Support 


To reach Canadian Pacific Rail with business process questions, email: 


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