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Welcome to the Supplier Information Site that provides information for all suppliers conducting business with Vodafone. For your organization, this means the traditional way of transacting with us is changing fundamentally. On this site you will find information regarding the transformation, as well as, a number of tools to help answer any of the questions you may have.

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Vodafone has partnered with SAP Business Network to provide you benefits including:

  • Using one single platform for procurement, sourcing and eInvoicing activities with Vodafone
  • End to end process on one platform, allowing you to create invoices from your purchase orders – eliminating errors and reducing the time for Vodafone to receive your invoice
  • Importantly via the SAP Business Network Portal you can access the Supplier Digital Portal

Interactions with Vodafone over the SAP Business Network will still be at no cost to you.


Account Setup

To transact with Vodafone and use Supplier Digital Portal, the pre-requisite is to accept the relationship request received via email from 'ordersender-prod'. You can use either Standard or Enterprise account - identify which one you have as shown here.

Enterprise Account: Accept Trading Relationship & Configure Account

Standard Account: Training Page


E-invoicing Options & Markets

Supported options:
Manual: PO flip, non-PO invoice form
Automated: S2S integration, CSV upload  

Supported markets:
Germany, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, United Kingdom, South Africa, Group and Vodafone Procurement Company excluding the Terminals business



Integration & Catalog

Documentation regarding catalog & integrations processes for transacting via the SAP Business Network.

Vodafone's Integration & Catalogs Training Page


Supplier Digital Portal

Supplier Digital Portal (SDP) is a self-service tool providing real-time information and status updates on your invoices and payments. SDP is the channel for you to get in touch with Vodafone Finance Query team


SDP Demo videos


Guides & FAQ

Learn how to transact via SAP Business Network. 

SAP Business Network Training Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Vodafone E-Invoicing Guide

Supplier Digital Portal Guide



Support Methods for Getting Your Specific Questions Answered:

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