Release Update KB0407562
Enhancements to sourcing events that support large number of suppliers
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SAP Ariba Sourcing
SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite


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For more information, see the Intelligent Configuration Manager parameters reference guide.


Maximum number of suppliers a buyer can invite to a standard-capacity sourcing event or a large-capacity sourcing event is 700.

SAP Ariba supports a maximum of 100 supplier responses for a standard-capacity sourcing event.

SAP Ariba supports a maximum of 125 supplier responses for a large-capacity sourcing event.

SAP Ariba does not support configuring initial bids when the number of suppliers in the event is greater than 100.

When the maximum number of supplier responses supported for the event is 100:

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Please note that suppliers are notified with the following message if their bid response happens to be >= 101th?response for a standard-capacity event or >=126th?response for a large-capacity event:

The event has already received the maximum number of supplier responses. Hence, you cannot submit this response.

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Strategic Sourcing

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