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What are the Enterprise Account levels and advantages of subscription fees?

What are the Enterprise Account levels and advantages of subscription fees?


The service is paid as per the Terms of Use agreed to during registration. We designed SAP Ariba to determine the subscription level automatically, based on the transactions and number of documents for all Enterprise accounts.

On January 1, 2019, we made some improvements and changes to Ariba Network, including simplifying the network by unifying Ariba Network and Quadrem, expanding the network’s global reach to better support our customers’ changing needs, and releasing innovations that improve usability.

As part of our initiative to unify networks, we’ve simplified pricing. This means you’ll also notice a few changes to Ariba Network transaction fees.

Your Enterprise account becomes chargeable after you transact 5 documents (purchase orders, invoices, service entry sheets, and service entry sheet responses) & $50,000 USD with any customer. Once you pass both of these thresholds, your account will be placed into a subscription package based on the total number of documents transacted in a year, and you will start to receive quarterly invoices. Obsoleted POs, previous versions of POs, Rejected invoices and Rejected Service Entry Sheets are not included in the annual document count.

The Supplier Fee Schedule allows suppliers to participate at a level that is best aligned with their transaction frequency and volume on the Ariba Network. Suppliers using the Ariba Network frequently receive benefits based on their transaction volume, while less active users can take advantage of a more streamlined set of features.

Details of the four paid membership packages follow:

The Ariba Network Account fee is calculated as a small percentage of the dollar amounts processed on your account per quarter.

Any relationship that includes the use of service entry sheets will be charged a transaction fee of 0.35%.

All other volume is charged at a rate of 0.155%.

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