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How do I search by purchase order number?

How do I find a purchase order?


You can search for purchase orders (POs) by the exact PO number, regardless of the date range. Before you can search, ensure Business Network appears in the upper-left corner of the application (if it does not, click the app drop-down menu and select it).

To run this search:

  1. Go to the Workbench tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select Orders to view all orders.
  3. Click Edit filter to expand the filter options.
  4. Enter the PO number in the Order numbers field.
  5. Check the Exact match radio button below the PO number.
  6. Click Apply.

You can also search for purchase orders from the Orders > Purchase Orders tab.

Additional Information

If your purchase order does not show up after searching by the exact number, contact your customer to confirm the Ariba Network ID (ANID) number the purchase order was sent to.

The FAQ Why can't I find a purchase order in my account? provides some of the most common reasons why the purchase order might not appear.

Applies To

Ariba Network > Transaction Documents > Transaction (Purchase Orders, Ship Notices & Goods Receipts)

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