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How do I update where my purchase orders are sent?



How do I edit where my purchase orders are sent? How do I change my order routing settings and notifications?


You can change how you receive purchase orders by updating your Electronic Order Routing method:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the application, click [Initials] > Settings > Electronic Order Routing.
  2. Select the routing preference (online, email, fax, cXML, or EDI) for each type of document. If the routing method will be the same for each option, select Same as new catalog orders without attachments.
  3. Enter the corresponding information for your routing choice.
  4. Click Save.

Note: If you are configuring cXML as the routing method, click the Configure cXML setup link to configure parameters used when connecting to your cXML-enabled application.

Additional Information

You can also enable customer-specific order routing to set different rules for each of your customers.

To access Electronic Order Routing, you must be an account administrator or a user with the Company Information permission.
Contact your account administrator if you need additional assistance setting order routing method.

Applies To

Ariba Network > Administration (Buyer & Supplier Account Administration)
Ariba Network > SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

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