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Welcome to Elm Supplier Information Portal, in this page you will find all the Guidance needed while conducting business with Elm. Please navigate below to find the information needed to answer your questions. 

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Elm Important Information


SAP Business Network General Information


Please review the below if you need additional support.

  • My account is not working properly and I have a technical issue: Contact the SAP Business Network Support Team by clicking on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of your account then Support to submit a Case to Ariba Support. Be as clear as possible in your communication and provide any screenshots to expedite your request.
  • If you need help on How to register, configure your account or transact with Elm? Contact the SAP Business Network Enablement Team via the Elm Landing Page
  • If you need support with your Supplier Account contact
  • If you need support with your Purchase order transactions and documents contact
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