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Validation of invoice reference number in pre-approved invoices for India.
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According to the 2019 tax regulation in India, when a supplier submits an invoice online to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), a unique invoice reference number (IRN) and QR code are generated for that invoice. Suppliers must provide the IRN along with other invoice details and upload the pre-approved invoice during invoice creation in Ariba Network. The IRN, invoice date, invoice number, and GSTN provided must be the same as in the uploaded pre-approved invoice.

Ariba Network now validates the IRN in pre-approved invoices during invoice creation. Ariba Network computes an IRN value within the system using parameters such as invoice number, invoice date (financial year), and supplier GSTN, and then validates it against the entered IRN. The system displays an error message if there is a mismatch in any one of these values. This prevents suppliers from updating incorrect IRN.

Customer Problem

In India GST 2019 Tax Regime use case buyer is receiving invoices from Ariba where supplier has provided wrong IRN value on the invoices. Which is causing an issue at buyer system.

Customer Value Proposition

This feature will ask for mandatory PDF attachment for Non-IRP cases and help to remove the mischievous scenarios where supplier may enter wrong IRN number against the PDF invoice copy.

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Buyer and Supplier

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Automatically On

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Ariba Network


Supplier prerequisites

When setting up your legal profile, select the following tax regime and legal profile type respectively in the Financial Information section

Buyer prerequisites


Suppliers need to upload pre-approved invoice in PDF format only

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Ariba Network 2108

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