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Visualizzazioni multiple per i processi di pianificazione
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Feature Description

This feature allows buyers to create views, referred to as custom views, for planning processes and set conditions for them. Prior to this feature, only one view, the standard view, was available for all planning items in a planning process.

Customer Problem

Ariba Network gives buyers the flexibility to determine a specific set of key figures to be displayed for each process type. The customers' planning administrator users can decide to hide or rename standard key figures or add new custom key figures of their choice.
At the moment, there can only be one such set of key figure for each process type , but customers may want to have more granularity and display different views for different planning records of a given process type.
For example: Forecast records that belong to the line of business Wholesale, need to show a different set of key figures from the Forecast records of the line of business Retail. But at the moment there can only be one Forecast view which gets assigned all Forecast records.
This makes the planning collaboration inefficient as the customers have to educate the suppliers to ignore key figures that are not relevant for certain planning records on a case by case basis.

Customer Value Proposition

With the new flexible view management, the buyer administrator makes planning collaboration with their suppliers more efficient by tailoring multiple planning views to fit the specific business needs and assigning the most appropriate view to each planning record.
This ensures easier adoption for suppliers by minimizing errors and improving communication between trading partners.


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2108 Anteprima funzionalità preparazione: visualizzazioni multiple per i processi di pianificazione

Soluzioni applicabili

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration


È necessario essere un amministratore compratore o un compratore con l'autorizzazione Visibilità di collaborazione di pianificazione per creare visualizzazioni personalizzate

È necessario essere abilitati per il componente di collaborazione per l’inventario o per il componente di collaborazione di previsione


La visualizzazione Previsione aggregata per tutte le sedi non può essere duplicata

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