2108 Readiness Feature Preview: SAP Supplier Financing (PAY-3711)

Feature ID: PAY-3711
SAP Ariba Readiness Feature Preview - SAP Supplier Financing

SAP Ariba Supplier Financing leverages the digital footprints created on Ariba Network to reduce friction for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises) in pursuit of financial health.
It’s a self-service solution that enables small businesses who want to find suitable working capital finance by simply consenting access to their data and be provided with a list of pre-qualified offers at competitive terms from multiple online funders/lenders. The suppliers may select one or more pre-qualified offers to complete the full due diligence and on boarding formalities with the funder/lender; which will be covered under separate terms of use and financial agreements of that specific funder/lender. During the term of the financial agreement between the two parties, the solution will also automate exchange of the AN transaction data with the chosen lender/funder to simplify the lending/funding process.

Planned Feature Release: SAP Ariba 2108 Release

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