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Why did I receive my SAP Ariba bill late?

Why did I receive my SAP Ariba bill late?


Because of SAP Ariba’s migration to a new billing engine, some invoices were delayed. The charges are still valid as the accurate dates can be found in the copy of the invoice.

You can review the date of the quarter billed as shared below:

A: Billing Period

B: Relationship Anniversary Date is the date that starts the annual billing cycle. Each quarterly invoice refers to the prior 3 months.  Per the chart below: 

Q1        December                        (Look back: September, October, November)

Q2        March                              (December, January, February)

Q3        June                                (March, April, May)

Q4        September                      (June, July, August)

In the example above, you can see that the quarter’s period is March 2020. Even if the supplier of the example received the invoice in September 2020, the amount billed was for the transactions made in December, January and February (March quarter Q2).

You can review the Transaction Activity report of the invoice for further details: How to download the Transaction Activity and Threshold Report 

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