Welcome to the Supplier Education Materials Portal
for TAFE NSW Suppliers

Welcome to the Supplier Education Materials Portal for TAFE NSW Suppliers!!!  This portal provides information for all suppliers that are conducting business with TAFE NSW via the Ariba Network (AN).

Click on the links to access the information that you are looking for. For more information you can also refer to TAFE NSW Resources for suppliers.

TAFE NSW Administrative Quick Reference Guide

Role of Ariba Account Administrators

How to access your Organisation's
Ariba Network Account

How to contact Customer Support



Standard Account Registration & Invoicing

TAFE NSW Register from your first Purchase Order

TAFE NSW Value Based Purchase Order Invoicing

TAFE NSW Purchase Order Invoicing

TAFE NSW Mixed tax Invoicing


Enterprise Registration & Invoicing

TAFE NSW Enterprise Account Registration

TAFE NSW Mixed tax Invoicing

TAFE NSW Purchase Order Invoicing

TAFE NSW Value Based Purchase Order Invoicing

TAFE NSW Submitting electronic invoices against a contract


Sourcing Reference Guides

Quote Automation Guide

Navigating to a TAFE NSW RFX Event

Registering on Ariba for TAFE NSW Sourcing Event

Sourcing Event - TAFE NSW Terms of Participation


Standard Account Functionality

Standard Account Self Help Portal

Standard Account Information Pack

Standard Account Generic Guide


Enterprise Account Functionality

General Functionality Guide

General Functionality Clip (MP4)

A Day in the life of a Supplier (MP4) 

Quick Start Guide

Quick Reference Sheet

Search Filters Guide

Administration Guide

Administration Training Clip (MP4) 

Introduction to the Ariba Network Clip (MP4)


TAFE NSW Catalog 

How to access a Test Account

TAFE NSW CIF Creation Guide


TAFE NSW Specific UoM Codes

TAFE NSW Specific Commodity Codes


ON24 Session Recordings

TAFE NSW Enterprise Account Summit Recording

TAFE NSW Standard Account Summit Recording

TAFE NSW Training Session Recording

SAP Ariba Account Reassignment Quick Tip Recording







Accessing Support

  • To access the Help Centre and Customer Support Select Help Centre from either the Supplier Login Screen or from the Dashboard/Homepage from within the Ariba Network.
  •  For Catalogue Ariba Network System queries:
  •  For Registration Ariba Network System queries:  
  • For Invoice Ariba Network System queries: TAFE Finance Shared Services Contact Centre 1300 823 343
  • For Purchase Order queries: Contact TAFE NSW Buyer direct

Types of Support Available

  • Search for Generic Online Help
  • Guided Help
  • Online Chat
  • Live Webinars


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