Q2 2019 Readiness Feature Preview: Advanced packaging with handling units (PDF)

ID: CSC-7867
SAP Ariba Readiness Feature Preview - Advanced packaging with handling units

With this capability, buyers can advise suppliers of their packaging needs or allow suppliers to determine how the packaging will be executed, considering specific product characteristics, limitations of means of transport, and optimization of materials used for packaging. Packaging instructions provided by the buyer or created by the supplier determine how handling units should be nested in during the packaging procedure.

A ‘handling unit’ refers to any unit of packaging and the goods contained on or in it. Handling units contain key information such as identification number (SSCC), weight, volume, status, product detail, and quantity of each item contained.

Suppliers can use bar code labels, representing unique handling unit, which can be printed and affixed to each individual level of the packing, such as on a box which is packed into a carton, which is packed on a pallet. Remaining with the product throughout the supply chain, the label’s information allows for accelerated receiving and inventory management.

Each handling unit allows for key information to be accurately tracked and updated, while eliminating time-intensive and error-filled manual input and label reprinting.

Planned Feature Release: SAP Ariba Q2 2019 Release (May)

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