Changes Coming to SAP Ariba Discovery
SAP Ariba Discovery, powered by SAP Business Network, is a matchmaking solution that connects buyers with diverse, qualified suppliers who can deliver the products or services they’re looking for – fast.



Ariba Discovery is getting revamped to SAP Business Network Discovery with an improved User Interface and additional features. This is for both Trading Partner Portal Buyers and Trading Partner Portal Sellers.

Benefits include:
- Improved UI
- Improved Matching
- Improved Notifications 




Change Resources for Buyers


Change Resources for Suppliers


SAP Business Network Discovery for Buyers provides a low-cost way to increase your potential supplier base, reduce the cost of acquiring and managing suppliers, and increase competition among suppliers.  SAP Business Network Discovery will match you to quality suppliers that meet your needs.

With SAP Business Network Discovery, you can make sure you get the most competitive pricing from your supplier base.


As a seller on SAP Business Network Discovery, you create a company profile that details the capabilities of your business, including products and services provided and the locations you serve.

If the capabilities of your company match a buyer’s project requirements, SAP Business Network Discovery displays the business opportunity on your Leads Dashboard. You can then choose to respond to your matched postings. Buyers will review all the responses they receive and notify you when they make a decision.



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